Dashboard of Certainty

Real-time ROI information

The Dashboard of Certainty has been created by The Certainty Principle to provide our clients with complete visibility of all campaign activity, in every channel (digital or otherwise) and the ability to overlay it against real time lead and sales data feeds.

ROI Dashboard

Your Optimal Media Mix

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Data from every channel overlaid against leads and sales to a detail level of your specification. This gives you the ability to see how your campaign works together, and ultimately find the most potent media mix.


Predictive Modelling Feature

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The Dashboard has a predictive modelling feature built in, allowing you to ‘play’ with the media spend per channel (using real time data) to determine the best possible cost per acquisition (CPA) for your business.


Google Analytics integration

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Your google analytics data is a vital part of any marketing information flow and will be integrated into the Dashboard as part of the initial set-up procedure.


Secure Client Login

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Your data privacy and security is of paramount importance and is housed in bank-level secure Australian based servers. Naturally, you also retain all Intellectual Property over your data.


Seamless System Integration

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Every business is different, and has their own way of collective and using the data from their marketing and sales functions. During the initial set-up, we will ensure The Dashboard integrates into your business.


Sophisticated CRM System

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The dashboard technology has been built as an extension of the one of the most powerful, flexible and cost efficient CRM systems on the market. This means you enjoy comprehensive back-end data handling & API support to ensure a seamless ‘always-up’ technology experience.